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Some history about car finance

Why it doesn’t suit all car buyers

The Big Banks

Vehicle finance used to be primarily sourced through the mainstream lenders like the big banks. These lenders were geared towards home loans so an unsecured personal loan was difficult to obtain and generally took up to 14 days to secure. The main focus of the application was on job security and residential security, if you had anything less than two years in your job or your current address then it was difficult to obtain car finance.

The Specialised Lenders

The second option for finance was through mainstream lenders. Those lenders were specific vehicle lenders and they take security over the vehicle. This relaxes lending criteria but limits the age and conditions of the vehicle you can buy. If you have a default on your credit file it was very difficult to obtain finance through The mainstream lenders. As a result of this, many good people with so called ‘bad credit’ were unable to obtain vehicle finance.

The Car Sales Yards

With limited options some car buyers adopted finance through car sales yards and in many cases had large repayments per week ($120-$150) and large deposits required ($1000-$2000) over a 2 year period for a vehicle that was only worth $5000 – $6000. This leads to problems in the capacity to make payments at key points of the year like Christmas, birthdays, car rego due etc. In many cases if a payment or two is missed the vehicle would be repossessed. This compounds the bad debt cycle and the ability for the borrower to obtain more finance in the future.

Another Option – Coastline Finance

How it all came to be…

Brett has extensive experience in the motor industry where he has worked alongside his father in the family business realistic cars which was founded in 1981. He has seen the pitfalls of the other car finance options over the course of his career.

Because of the limitations of the car finance industry options for some, Brett founded Coastline Finance in 2006.  He aims to make it easier for car buyers to either secure a loan when you don’t fit the big banks lending criteria or perhaps give a borrower a second chance. The most important thing is you have employment and you think you have the ability to manage your finances.

Car Finance

Hassle Free Car Finance

If you’re looking for hassle-free car finance, look no further. We can provide you with great finance options through our in-house team at Coastline Finance. Whilst there is no guarantee for everyone to obtain a loan approval, we may be able to help you catch a break and get into a car and on the road sooner than you think.

Provided that you have employment and believe that with careful management of your income and expenses you can afford a loan, come and speak to us.

If you are new to the Gold Coast region or just experiencing a few financial difficulties that make the banks turn you away and you are having trouble obtaining finance for your next car, come in and speak to Brett at Coastline Finance or one of our friendly team members today.

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